Download free Xerox Phaser 7760 User Manual - Xerox Phaser 7760 is a color laser printer with the duplex printing function, the continuation of the line Phaser 7700 and 7750. It is very easy to maintain and repair. Based on it is built the more expensive models CopyCentre and WorkCentre. These printers have proven themselves as a reliable, hardy and with a high-quality printing device. Family Phaser 7760 is one of the most economical proposals for the cost of ownership in the segment of color printers A3 size. During the development of the Phaser 7760 has been used several modern technologies to achieve a clear, stable color rendering and empowerment calibration and color correction. The Phaser 7760 quickly and effectively handle tasks of varying complexity, maintaining the highest level of performance.

The real advantages in performing large volumes of various works give two high-performance finishing options: advanced finisher (capacity 3 500 sheets) and professional finisher (with a capacity of 2 000 sheets). Finishers provide a variety of functions: from o sets of documents with a shift (sort), punching and multi-position stapling up to a V-shaped folding of the booklets and staple them on the break. Thanks to the new technologies used in this device and new toner formula, which was first used in this apparatus, it is able to display high-quality saturated prints on almost any material. When using b/W mode, it uses only the black toner and the imaging cartridge, the others are not involved, which in turn positively affects the price of the print and online other details. A very important advantage of this printer is to print on very thick materials up to 300g/m2, although the manufacturer gives the data a little lower. The reason for this is mostly pure marketing: nobody wants to buy a more expensive model

Main  Xerox Phaser 7760 Specifications
  • Recommended  per month 150 000 prints in a4 format.
  • Maximum print resolution — 1200 x 1200 dpi.
  • Maximum format SRA3 (320 x 450 mm)
  • Print speed  45 ppm b/W A4, 35 str/min color. A4, 22 ppm b/W A3, 17 pages/min color. A3.
  • The density of the material is from 75 to 255 g/m2.
  • Printing on glossy paper, matte paper, transparencies, labels, envelopes, postcards.
  • Supports PostScript, PCL.
  • Dimensions 724 x 493 x 644 mm.
  • Weight: 92 kg.
Table contents of Xerox Phaser 7760 User Manual
  • Printer Features
    Parts of the Printer ~ Printer Configurations ~ Control Panel ~ More Information
  • Network Basics
    Overview of Network Setup and Configuration ~ Setting Up the Network ~ Configuring the Network Address ~ Installing the Printer Drivers
  • Printing Basics
    Overview of Basic Steps ~ Supported Paper and Media ~ Loading Paper ~ Selecting Printing Options ~ Printing on Both Sides of the Paper ~ Printing on Specialty Media ~ Choosing Output Options
  • Print Quality
    Controlling the Quality of Your Prints ~ Solving Print-Quality Problems
  • Maintenance
    Cleaning the Printer ~ Adding Staples ~ Emptying the Punch Waste Box ~ Ordering Supplies ~ Moving and Repacking the Printer
  • Troubleshooting
    Clearing Paper Jams ~ Preventing Jams ~ Jams in the Printer ~ Jams in the Finisher ~ Getting Help ~ Control Panel Messages ~ PrintingScout Alerts ~ PhaserSMART Technical Support ~ Web Links
Xerox Phaser 7760 User Manual

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