Download free HP Photosmart C7200 User Manual.pdf This HP Photosmart C7200 User Guide Owners Manual contains the information you need when installing, setup, setting, configuring, maintenance and troubleshooting, operating instructions the HP Photosmart C7200.

Table contents of HP Photosmart C7200 Manual
  • HP All-in-One overview
    The HP All-in-One at a glance ~ Control panel overview ~ Control panel features ~ Display icons ~ Display sleep state ~ Menu overview ~ Photosmart Express Menu ~ Copy Menu ~ Scan Menu ~ Fax Menu ~ Setup Menu ~ Help Menu ~ Text and symbols ~ Enter text using the keypad on the control panel ~ Enter text using the visual keyboard ~ Available symbols for dialing fax numbers ~ Use the HP Photosmart Software
  • Find more information
  • Finish setting up the HP All-in-One
    Set your preferences ~ General preferences ~ Set your language and country/region ~ Set the date and time ~ Adjust the volume ~ Set the default paper tray for PictBridge/DPOF/uPnP printing ~ Enable faster browsing of photos ~ Set the paper tray for printing from a Bluetooth device ~ Restore the factory defaults ~ Play a slideshow on the display ~ Fax preferences ~ Set up the HP All-in-One to redial a fax number automatically ~ Set tone or pulse dialing ~ Set the fax speed ~ Computer connection information ~ Supported connection types ~ Connect using Ethernet ~ Connect using integrated wireless WLAN 802.11 ~ Connect using the HP bt450, Printer and PC Adapter with Bluetooth® Wireless Technology ~ Find the device name and address ~ Set Bluetooth security for the HP All-in-One ~ Use a Bluetooth® connection to print from your computer ~ Use printer sharing ~ Connect to a network ~ Wired network setup ~ What you need for a wired network ~ Connect the HP All-in-One to the network ~ Integrated wireless WLAN 802.11 network setup ~ What you need for an integrated wireless WLAN 802.11 network ~ Connect to an integrated wireless WLAN 802.11 network ~ Wireless ad hoc network setup ~ What you need for an ad hoc network ~ Create a network profile for a Windows XP computer ~ Create a network profile for other operating systems ~ Connect to a wireless ad hoc network ~ Install the software for a network connection ~ Connect to additional computers on a network ~ Change the HP All-in-One from a USB connection to a network connection ~ Manage your network settings ~ Change basic network settings from the control panel ~ Change advanced network settings from the control panel settings ~ Use the Embedded Web Server ~ Network configuration page definitions ~ Network glossary ~ Fax setup ~ Change settings on the HP All-in-One to receive faxes ~ Set the answer mode ~ Set the number of rings before answering ~ Change the answer ring pattern for distinctive ringing ~ Test your fax setup ~ Set the fax header ~ Set up speed dialing ~ Set up individual speed dial entries ~ Set up group speed dial entries ~ Delete speed dial entries ~ Print the speed dial list
  • How do I?
  • Load originals and load paper
    Load originals ~ Load an original in the automatic document feeder ~ Load an original on the glass ~ Choose papers for printing and copying ~ Recommended papers for printing and copying ~ Recommended papers for printing only ~ Papers to avoid ~ Load paper ~ Load full-size paper ~ Load 10 x 15 cm (4 x 6 inch) photo paper ~ Load postcards, Hagaki, or index cards ~ Load envelopes ~ Load other types of paper ~ Avoid paper jams
  • Print from your computer
    Print from a software application ~ Make the HP All-in-One the default printer ~ Change the print settings for the current job Set the paper size ~ Set the paper type for printing ~ View the print resolution ~ Change the print speed or quality ~ Change the page orientation ~ Scale the document size ~ Change the saturation, brightness, or color tone ~ Preview your print job ~ Change the default print settings ~ Printing shortcuts ~ Create printing shortcuts ~ Delete printing shortcuts ~ Perform special print jobs ~ Print a borderless image ~ Print a photo on photo paper ~ Print custom CD/DVD labels ~ Print using Maximum dpi ~ Print on both sides of the page ~ Print a multiple-page document as a booklet ~ Print multiple pages on a single sheet ~ Print a multiple-page document in reverse order ~ Reverse an image for iron-on transfers ~ Print on transparencies ~ Print a group of addresses on labels or envelopes ~ Print a poster ~ Print a Web page ~ Stop a print job
  • Use the photo features
    View and select photos ~ Print your photos ~ Create special projects from your photos ~ Share photos using HP Photosmart Software ~ Save photos to your computer ~ Edit photos using the control panel ~ Zoom and pan to crop a photo ~ Rotate a photo ~ Adjust the brightness of your photos ~ Apply special color effects to your photos. ~ Remove red-eye ~ Automatically enhance your photos
  • Use the scan features
    Make reprints of your photos ~ Scan an image ~ Scan an original to a computer ~ Scan an original to a memory card or storage device ~ Edit a scanned image ~ Edit a scanned preview image ~ Edit a scanned photo or graphic ~ Edit a scanned document ~ Share a scanned image with friends and relatives ~ Stop scanning
  • Use the copy features
    Make a copy ~ Preview your copy job ~ Change the copy settings for the current job ~ Set the number of copies ~ Set the copy paper size ~ Set the copy paper type ~ Change copy speed or quality ~ Adjust the lightness and darkness of your copy ~ Change default copy settings ~ Perform special copy jobs ~ Make a borderless copy of a photo ~ Resize an original to fit onto letter or A4 paper ~ Resize an original using custom settings ~ Crop an original ~ Shift the left margin ~ Improve the quality of a copy ~ Stop copying
  • Use the fax features
    Send a fax ~ Send a basic fax ~ Send a fax using speed dials ~ Send a fax manually from a phone ~ Send a fax using monitor dialing ~ Scan a fax to send from memory ~ Schedule a fax to send later ~ Broadcast a fax to multiple recipients ~ Send a color original or photo fax ~ Change the fax resolution and Lighter/Darker settings ~ Change the fax resolution ~ Change the Lighter/Darker setting ~ Set new default settings ~ Send a fax in Error Correction Mode ~ Receive a fax ~ Receive a fax manually ~ Set up backup fax reception ~ Reprint received faxes from memory ~ Poll to receive a fax ~ Forward faxes to another number ~ Set the paper size for received faxes ~ Set up the HP All-in-One to check the paper type before printing faxes ~ Set automatic reduction for incoming faxes ~ Block junk fax numbers ~ Set the junk fax mode ~ Add numbers to the junk fax list ~ Remove numbers from the junk fax list ~ Fax over the Internet using IP phone ~ Stop faxing
  • Print reports and forms
    Print reports ~ Print a self-test report ~ Print fax reports ~ Print fax confirmation reports ~ Print fax error reports ~ Print the fax log ~ Print other report ~ Print forms
  • Maintain the HP All-in-One
    Clean the HP All-in-One ~ Clean the glass ~ Clean the lid backing ~ Clean the exterior ~ Check the estimated ink levels ~ Work with ink cartridges ~ Replace the ink cartridges ~ Align the printer ~ Clean the print head ~ Clean the ink cartridge contacts ~ Remove ink from your skin and clothing ~ Self-maintenance sounds ~ Reduce energy consumption when the HP All-in-One is off ~ Turn off the HP All-in-One
  • Shop for ink supplies
  • Troubleshooting
    Troubleshooting tips ~ Communication problems over a USB connection ~ Information on ink cartridges and the print head ~ Information on paper ~ Tips for using the automatic document feeder ~ Clear paper jams ~ Clean the automatic document feeder ~ Hardware setup troubleshooting ~ Software installation troubleshooting ~ Uninstall and reinstall the software ~ Network troubleshooting ~ Wired network setup troubleshooting ~ Wireless setup troubleshooting ~ Print quality troubleshooting ~ Print troubleshooting ~ Memory card and front USB port troubleshooting ~ Scan troubleshooting ~ Copy troubleshooting ~ Fax troubleshooting ~ Errors ~ Device messages. ~ File messages ~ Supported file types for the HP All-in-One ~ General user messages ~ Paper messages ~ Power and connection messages ~ Ink cartridge messages
  • HP warranty and support
  • Technical information
HP Photosmart C7200 User Manual