Dell Inspiron N4030 Service Manual

Dell Inspiron N4030 Service ManualDownload free Dell Inspiron N4030 Service Manual will help you to repair the damage that occurs Dell Inspiron N4030. This service manual will introduce recommended tools, before working inside your computer, flashing the BIOS, removing and replacing the Bluetooth card, the removing and replacing camera,  removing and replacing the coin-cell battery, removing and replacing the processor module, removing and replacing the thermal cooling assembly, removing and replacing the display assembly,  removing and replacing the display bezel, removing and replacing the display panel, removing and replacing the hard drive, removing and replacing the I/O board,  removing and replacing the keyboard,  removing and replacing the memory module, removing and replacing the palm rest, removing and replacing the power button board, removing and replacing the battery, entering the service tag in the BIOS.

The new thin and light Inspiron 14 now makes things more interesting by combining cutting-edge mobile features and entertainment into a smart, colorful design with a 5-pound weight and Dell quality. Processor Intel core i3-370m2.4ghz Memory RAM 3 Gb ddr3 Graphics card Intel HDGraphics Hard disk 500 GB (5400rpm) Connectivity Wlan 802.11 and Bluetooth LED display HD 14.0 '' WebCam Operating system Windows 7 x64 bits Weight 2.3kg.

Flashing the BIOS; You turn on the computer. Go to Click Select model. Locate the file for updating the BIOS for your computer: If you have your computer service tag: click the enter a service tag. Enter your computer service tag in the field enter a service tag: click go, and continue to step if you don't have your computer service tag: select the type of product in the list select your product family. Select the brand of the product in the list select your product line. Select the model number of the product in the list select your product model. Re. Click on confirm. A list of results appears in the display. Click BIOS. Click Download now to download the latest BIOS file. The file download window appears. Click Save to save the file to your desktop. The file is downloaded to your desktop. Click close if the download complete window appears. The file icon appears on your desktop and is titled the same as the downloaded BIOS update file. Double click on the file on the desktop icon and follow the instructions on the screen.

Download Dell Inspiron N4030 Service Manual here

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