Download Xeros Phaser 8500 Service Manual - The Xerox Phaser 8550 is so fast that you can save up to 30 ppm. Full-color printing! Or print 24 pages/min. In color with the Xerox Phaser 8500. Industry-leading speed. After five seconds the Phaser 8550 gives the first page and the Xerox 8500 needs only 6 seconds. Xerox's features are optional, which are optional for competitors. For example network connection, genuine Adobe Postscript 3, automatic error correction and order accounting. In addition, the Xeros Phaser 8550 offers even more demanding paper processing functions such as automatic, 2-sided printing, sorting and brochure printing. Generous paper containers ensure that you can also print high print runs without interruption. An impressive print volume guarantees the reliability you need in a busy workgroup.
Stand out from the crowd - with colors that really make an impression. Whether you print reports, presentations or graphics and web pages, Solid Ink colors are so vibrant and full that you just have to notice them. Solid Ink delivers superior print quality on a wide range of media types and weights - from environmental paper to cover sheet material, clear films, and more. These colors are more real, richer and more even than anything you've seen before - from the first to the last print. The new 2400 FinePoint Image Enhancement Technology on the Xerox Phaser 8550 provides the Non plus Ultra in the field of print quality.

Sometimes it is the little things like the refilling of consumables that slow down your struggles. Not so with the Xerox Phaser 8500/8550. Solid Ink printers are specifically designed to make office work more efficient. Compact, clean Solid Ink Stix is as easy to fill as a stapler. You can push them into the appropriate, shape-coded chamber at any time. No color ink anymore? No problem. If you want, simply print in black-and-white mode. On the hard disk of the printer, you can create a personal mailbox (with Xerox Phaser 8550 only option). So if you're late at a conference and need to copy something, just go to the printer, select the job you've saved, and press. These printers are familiar with your printing habits. The Intelligent Ready feature remembers when you print most, which allows you to adjust the warm-up and energy-saving modes accordingly. Training is not required. An internet-based, automatic support system is always there for you when you need help. The Support Center utility also provides direct access to all the user documentation, tools, and utilities that are included with the printer.

Install by hand. Unpack only and install with four mouse clicks on the network. You are not on site? Xerox binds you. Via an integrated web server, you can easily manage, configure and repair devices from anywhere via WebBrowser. Directly from your PC, you can access a wealth of features such as printer and job status, e-mail alerts, simplified printer installation, and network administration. Check the consumption in the office. With the usage profile tool, you can capture, organize, and analyze all data for order billing.


Xerox 8500 ink said...

I just got a Phaser 8500 from someone, and I am curious how well the printer works with 3rd party ink suppliers, and how printer will work with the soon to come self erasing paper. I am really happy with my Xerox Phaser but I dont provoke any problems with their solid-stick ink. Any suggestions?