Download Free Blaupunkt Acapulco MP52 User Manual pdf. This Blaupunkt Acapulco MP52 Operating Instructions Manual contains the information you need when installing, setup, setting, configuring, maintenance and troubleshooting the Blaupunkt Acapulco MP52.

Table of contents Blaupunkt Acapulco MP52 User Manual
  • Notes and accessories
  • Flip/release panel
  • Switching on/off
  • Volume adjustment
  • Radio mode
    Setting the tuner ~ Switching to radio mode ~ Switching the RDS function on/off ~ Selecting the waveband /memory bank ~ Tuning into a station ~ Setting the sensitivity of station seek tuning ~ Storing stations ~ Storing stations automatically (Travelstore) ~ Listening to stored stations ~ Scanning receivable stations (SCAN) ~ Setting the scantime ~ Programme type (PTY) ~ Optimising radio reception ~ Displaying scrolling text ~ Setting the display
  • CD Mode
    Starting CD mode ~ Selecting a track ~ Quick track selection ~ Fast search (audible) ~ Random play (MIX) ~ Scanning tracks (SCAN) ~ Repeating a track (REPEAT) ~ Interrupting play (PAUSE) ~ Changing the display ~ Naming CDs ~ Displaying CD text ~ Removing a CD
  • MP3 mode
    Preparing the MP3 CD ~ Switching to MP3 mode ~ Selecting a directory ~ Selecting tracks ~ Fast searching (audible) ~ Random track play (MIX) ~ Scanning tracks (SCAN) ~ Repeating individual tracks or whole directories (REPEAT) ~ Pausing playback (PAUSE) ~ Setting the display
  • CD changer mode
    Starting CD changer mode ~ Selecting a CD ~ Selecting a track ~ Fast search (audible) ~ Changing the display ~ Repeating individual tracks or whole CDs (REPEAT) ~ Random play (MIX) ~ Scanning all tracks on all CDs (SCAN) ~ Interrupting Play (PAUSE) ~ Naming CDs
  • CLOCK - Time
  • Tone and volume balance
  • Equalizer
    Notes on adjusting the equalizer ~ Switching the equalizer on/off ~ Setting the equalizer ~ Selecting sound presets ~ Selecting car presets ~ Setting the level indicator ~ Setting aid for the equalizer
  • External audio sources
  • Technical data
  • Installation instructions