Download Free Blaupunkt Bermuda MP35 User Manual pdf. This Blaupunkt Bermuda MP35 Operating Instructions Manual contains the information you need when installing, setup, setting, configuring, maintenance and troubleshooting the Blaupunkt Bermuda MP35.

Table of contents Blaupunkt Bermuda MP35 User Manual
  • Notes and accessories
    Road safety ~ Installation ~ Accessories ~ International telephone information
  • Detachable control panel
    Theft protection ~ Detaching the control panel ~ Attaching the control panel
  • Switching on/off
  • Adjusting the volume
    Setting the power-on volume ~ Instantaneous volume reduction (mute) ~ Mute while telephoning ~ Confirmation beep
  • Radio mode
    Switching to radio mode ~ Setting the tuner ~ Selecting the frequency range/memory ~ Tuning into a station ~ Storing stations ~ Storing stations automatically (Travelstore) ~ Listening to preset stations ~ Scanning receivable stations (SCAN) ~ Setting the display
  • CD mode
    Switching to CD mode ~ Selecting tracks ~ Fast searching (audible) ~ Random play (MIX) ~ Scanning tracks (SCAN) ~ Repeating tracks (REPEAT) ~ Pausing playback (PAUSE) ~ Changing the display ~ Displaying CD text ~ Ejecting a CD
  • MP3 mode
    Preparing the MP3-CD ~ Switching to MP3 mode ~ Selecting a directory ~ Selecting tracks/files ~ Fast searching ~ Random track/file play (MIX) ~ Scanning tracks/files (SCAN) ~ Repeating individual track/file or whole directories (REPEAT) ~ Pausing playback (PAUSE) ~ Setting the display
  • CD changer mode
    Switching to CD changer mode ~ Selecting a CD ~ Selecting tracks ~ Fast searching (audible) ~ Changing the display ~ Repeating individual tracks or whole CDs (REPEAT) ~ Random play (MIX) ~ Scanning all tracks on all CDs (SCAN) ~ Pausing playback (PAUSE)
  • CLOCK - Time
    Briefly displaying the time ~ Setting the time ~ Selecting 12/24-hour clock mode ~ Displaying the time continuously when the unit is off and the ignition is on ~ Briefly displaying the time when the unit is switched off
  • Tone and volume distribution settings
    Adjusting the bass settings ~ Adjusting the treble settings ~ Setting the left/right volume distribution (balance) ~ Setting the front/back volume distribution (fader)
  • Equalizer and X-BASS
    X-BASS ~ Selecting a preset sound effect (EQ)
  • Setting the level display
  • External audio sources
    Switching the AUX input on/off
  • Specifications