Download free HTC Hero Operating Instructions.pdf This HTC Hero User Guide contains the information you need when installing, maintenance troubleshooting and configuring the HTC Hero.

Table contents of HTC Hero Manual
  • Phone Basics
    Your Phone and Accessories ~ Installing the SIM Card, Battery, and Storage Card ~ 1.3 Charging the Battery ~ Phone Controls ~ Getting Around Your Phone ~ Getting Started ~ Home Screen ~ Phone Status and Notifications ~ Applications ~ Settings ~ Adjusting the Volume ~ Using the Phone’s Storage Card as a USB Drive
  • Using Phone Features
    Making Calls ~ Answering or Rejecting a Call ~ Using In-call Options ~ Using Call History ~ Adjusting Phone Settings ~ Turning the Phone Function On and Off
  • Using People
    About People ~ Using the People screen ~ Using Facebook and Flickr in People ~ Using the Contact Details screen
  • Entering Text
    Using the Onscreen Keyboard ~ Entering Numbers and Symbols ~ Adjusting Touch Input Settings
  • Exchanging Messages
    Sending Text and Multimedia Messages ~ Using Mail
  • Getting Connected
    Connecting to the Internet ~ GPRS/3G/EDGE ~ Wi-Fi ~ Using Browser ~ Using Bluetooth ~ Using Your Phone as a Modem
  • Camera and Multimedia
    Using Camera and Camcorder ~ Using Albums ~ Using Music
  • Google Apps
    Signing In to Your Google Account ~ Using Gmail/Google Mail ~ Using Google Talk ~ Using Google Maps ~ Using Google Latitude (Available by Country) ~ Using YouTube ~ Using Android Market ~ Synchronizing Google Apps
  • Other Applications
    Using Calendar ~ Using Clock ~ Using HTC Sync ~ Using HTC Footprints ~ Using PDF Viewer ~ Using Peep ~ Using Quickoffice ~ Using Stocks ~ Using Weather ~ Using Voice Recorder
  • Managing Your Phone
    Changing Basic Settings ~ Protecting Your Phone ~ Managing Memory ~ Resetting the Phone
  • Appendix
    Specifications ~ Regulatory Notices
  • Index

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