Download free Repair Solution for Xbox 360 "Red Ring of Death" Hardware Failure.pdf Since the product's introduction in November, 2005, a significant quantity of Microsoft's Xbox 360 game consoles have experienced a field malfunction that is indicated by three flashing red LEDs on the front of the console. This error function, which designates a critical hardware failure and renders the unit inoperable, is known among gamers as the "Red Ring of Death" and has spawned numerous user forums and web postings that claim to offer easy "fixes" for out-of-warranty units or for users who lack the patience to return their systems to an authorized repair center. Obviously, if there were an easy fix, Microsoft probably wouldn't have announced, last Thursday, July 5, their intention to spend more than $1 billion to extend warranties to three years for the nearly 12 million game consoles it has sold worldwide.

Having become aware of the Xbox failure issue prior to the Microsoft announcement, Manncorp has been actively spearheading a research effort into the causes of the problem for the purpose of providing not only a technologically sound and reliable solution, but one that is also practical and timely given the scope and magnitude of Microsoft's predicament. Research has been conducted in affiliation with Bernhard Martin, Managing Director of our SMT rework equipment manufacturer in Germany, who has been involved in similar, high-profile, troubleshooting and repair applications for high-volume consumer products with companies like Siemens and Nokia.

While our research continues, we have decided to publish our findings and conclusions thusfar, as well as our recommendations for the proper equipment and techniques needed to repair the consoles, in order to eliminate future recurrence of the problems.


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