Download free Samsung TX-T2791H SlimFit HDTV Instruction Owners Manual pdf. This Samsung TX-T2791H SlimFit HDTV User Guide contains the information you need when installing and configuring the Samsung TX-T2791H SlimFit HDTV.

Table contents of Samsung TX-T2791H SlimFit HDTV Manual
  • General Information
    Accessories ~ Viewing the Control Panel ~ Viewing the Connection Panel ~ Remote Control
  • Connections
    Connecting VHF and UHF Antennas ~ Connecting Cable TV ~ Connecting a VCR ~ Connecting a Camcorder ~ Connecting a DVD Player/Set-Top Box ~ Connecting a DVD Player/Set-Top Box via HDMI ~ Connecting a Digital Audio System ~ Connecting an Amplifier/DVD Home Theater - Analog
  • Operation
    Plug & Play Feature ~ Memorizing the Channels ~ To Select the Source ~ To Edit the Input Source Name
  • Picture Control
    Using Automatic Picture Settings ~ Changing the Screen Size ~ Tilt
  • Sound Control
    Using Automatic Sound Settings ~ Customizing the Sound ~ Setting the SRS TruSurround XT ~ Automatic Volume Control ~ Choosing a Multi-Channel Sound (MTS) Track - Digital ~ Choosing a Multi-Channel Sound (MTS) Track - Analog
  • Channel Control
    Clearing Scrambled Channels - Digital ~ Adding and Erasing Channels ~ Setting Your Favorite Channels ~ Viewing the Channel Lists ~ Setting the Default Channel List Mode ~ Labeling Channels - Analog ~ Fine Tuning Analog Channels ~ Checking the Digital-Signal Strength
  • Function Description
    Selecting a Menu Language ~ Setting the Time ~ Using the V-Chip ~ Viewing Closed Captions (On-Screen Text Messages) - Analog ~ Viewing Closed Captions (On-Screen Text Messages) - Digital ~ Menu Transparency Level ~ Setting the Blue Screen Mode ~ Adjusting the Melody Sound ~ Setting the HDMI Black Level ~ Setting the Film Mode ~ Setting the Function Help ~ Upgrading the Software
  • Appendix
    Setting Up Your Remote Control ~ Identifying Problems ~ Specifications

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