Download Free 2009-2010 Accounting Program Guide.pdf The practice of accounting is critical to business success and survival. Financial reports prepared, audited and analyzed by accountants provide priceless information for business owners, investors and many others. You can learn how to play your part on this great stage of life: the business world. Whether you realize it or not, we are surrounded by accounting. The study of accounting is an art. There is a technical side, which must be learned through practice and dedication. There is a creative and analytical side, which must be developed through independent and original thinking. There is a soulful, personal side, which emerges when decisions are made to support high ethical standards and when individuals take genuine pride in their work. Our world needs bright, creative accountants. But more importantly, our world needs good people who happen to be accountants who will stand by what’s right and stay true to their own personal code of ethics.

Out in the marketplace, there is a constant demand for staff accountants, auditors, tax preparers, entrepreneurs, financial analysts, payroll specialists, controllers, office managers, bookkeepers, educators and many others. There is tremendous variety and flexibility in accounting and finance work. The starting salaries for accountants range from about $25,000 at the Associates Degree level to about $45,000 for regional CPA firms. Just try to imagine a world without accounting jobs!

What does changes is HOW we do accounting. Remember Ebenezer Scrooge and Bob Crochet in Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol? For centuries, accountants worked their craft with pencil, paper and adding mechanisms. Today, accountants take advantage of the power and accuracy of computerized programs for data control and reporting. At JCC, you will do accounting the way it is done in the real world…with technology. Here at JCC, you will discover a dynamic, flexible program to study accounting and financial concepts. You can use this program to serve your needs be it a college degree, a desirable career, or a better life. This is happening semester after semester for accounting students at JCC. Come join us!


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