Download Free Getting Started with Windows PowerShell.pdf Each of the twelve technique has its own 'how to' instructions and also 'Learning points'. As a result you will be able to modify my examples to suit your situation. The only pre-requisite is that you must download the correct version of PowerShell and .Net Framework for your operating system. Microsoft's site has separate versions for XP, Vista and Windows Server 2003.

No other scripting language is so easy for the newcomer, yet offers so much sophistication for the experienced script writer. One reason that you can start learning PowerShell NOW is you can still use all your old commands such as: cd, dir, and even Ipconfig. My vision is that little by little, you can progress from commands you already know, e.g. dir, to PowerShell's get-ChildItem.

Now I don't pretend that it's easy to become an expert at PowerShell, I merely want to emphasise that it's easy to begin that scripting journey. Just as in golf, most people can get the ball airborne with a sand wedge, but only a professional can hit a ball out of the rough, clear a water hazard, then hold the ball on a down-slope. PowerShell is like golf in that anyone can play, but few will have the effortless control of a professional. To stretch my analogy to the limit, just as we can play along with our favourite golfers from the comfort of our armchairs, so we can emulate PowerShell's experts by copying and pasting their code.