Download Dell Latitude D420 Service Manual - Latitude D420 is one of the lightest Latitude. Weight in basic configuration is about 1.3 pounds. Traditionally for laptops in this class the emphasis is on compactness, lightness, intensity and protection from external adverse factors, including the fingerprint scanner. The owner was always in touch, for Dell Latitude D420 all conditions: internal modem, network card 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet and dual-band Wi-Fi module c radar networks Dell Wi-Fi Catcher, which detects a wireless signal. Dell Latitude D420 is a direct descendant of the Latitude D410, however, there are features borrowed from the ultra-portable Latitude X1 computer - widescreen display and a processor with ultra low power consumption. Dell Latitude model D410 Dell Latitude D420 got a slim design and full-size keyboard. Traditionally, the company Dell, its ultra-portable computers, there is no built in optical drive, but if you want you can order the external floppy drive. In many respects Latitide D420 closer to X1 than its direct predecessor. In particular, D410 weighed about 1.7 kg, D420 - 1.49 kg, and X1 - 1.15 kg. in addition, D410 used a normal mobile processors Intel Pentium M processor up to 2 GHz, and the D420 mobile processors with ultra low power consumption: single core Intel Core Solo processor with a clock frequency of 1.06 GHz or dual-core Core Duo with a clock frequency of 1.2 GHz. Finally, D420, as in X1, one can use the miniature 1.8-inch hard drive, not a normal laptop 2.5 inch, as in the D410.

Unlike cheap low-end models, which are somehow a judge of Dell products, quality workmanship and are used in the Latitude D420 materials do not inspire any doubt. The computer case is made of magnesium alloy, which immediately creates a feeling of quality as soon as you take the laptop in hand. Reinforced cover prevents damage to the display, and a proprietary StrikeZone technology protects the hard drive in case of accidental fall of the laptop or strokes. In spite of the latest fashion, D420 used not magnetic, but mechanical latch, locking lid. Perhaps it is not so beautiful, but reliable. Most of the exterior is the Dell Latitude D420 is made in dark gray tones and cover and some elements of the silver color. Design rigorous and concise, it is quite recognizable: very similar look models such as the D620 and D820. The appearance of the laptop is consistent with a business class, which, of course, and applies this model. According to Dell, this model is specially prepared for difficult road conditions - more than three hundred D420 prototypes were subjected to rigorous testing to ensure maximum reliability of serial computers. It's true - the build quality is really impressive. Display Dell Latitude D420 with a diagonal of 12.1 inch widescreen has a standard resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels and includes a matte anti-reflection coating. Dell has rightly considered that the glossy finish is more suitable for multimedia and Executive cars, as for "workhorse" screen glare is contraindicated. The wide format is not only convenient for watching movies, but also for working with documents: on this screen is quite possible to put together two of the document.

Main specifications laptop Dell Latitude D420
  • Processor - Intel Core Solo U1300 ULV, clock speed of 1.06 GHz, bus 533 MHz
  • Chipset Intel 945GMS
  • The screen is 12.1-дюймовыйWXGA TFT, resolution 1280 x 800 pixels, matte, anti-glare coating
  • Graphics - Intel GMA 950 (integrated in chipset, up to 224 MB of personnel assigned to the buffer of system memory)
  • RAM - 1 GB DDR2-533 SDRAM, (512MB soldered on the motherboard module 512 MB), single SO-DIMM slots
  • Hard drive - 60 GB, 1.8 inch, 4200 rpm
  • Controller wireless LAN standards IEEE 802.11 a/b/g
  • Gigabit LAN, 56K modem, infrared port
  • Built-in card reader Secure Digital Ports or three USB 2.0 ports, IEEE1394 port (four-pin), VGA output for external monitor, network and modem ports, headphone output, microphone input, slot for PC cards type I/II, connector for docking station
  • Ports on the docking station - four USB 2.0 ports, serial port, parallel port, VGA output for external monitor, DVI digital video output on an external monitor, a network port, access to naushniki, LPT, VGA, DVI, RJ-45, headphone Jack
  • Optical drive - multiformat DVD recorder in the docking station or external drive D-Bay 24X DVD/CD-RW
  • Full-size keyboard with touchpad and mini-joystick, TrackStick
  • Rechargeable battery - a six-element (with support for fast charging)
  • AC adapter 65W
  • Dimensions - 297 x 213 x 30 mm
  • Weight (with standard battery) - 1.49 kg
  • Operating system - multi-language Windows XP Home
Table of contents Dell Latitude D420 Service Manual Before You Begin Hard Drive Hinge Cover Keyboard Coin-Cell Battery Internal Card With Bluetooth® Wireless Technology Wireless Switch Memory and Mini-Cards Display Assembly Palm Rest Speaker Suspend-Switch Sensor Board System Board Fan PC Card/Smart Card Reader Modem Wireless Switch Power Button Assembly Battery Latches Pin Assignments for I/O Connectors Flashing the BIOS.

Download Dell Latitude D420 Service Manual