Download Free HP Laserjet 2400 Maintenance Kit Instructions.pdf 2100 Kit Includes: H3980-60001 1 – Fusing Assembly (RM1-1535) 1 – Transfer Roller (RM1-1508) 1 –Tray 1 Pickup Rollers (RL1-0568) 1 –Tray 1 Separation Pad (RC1-0939) 1 – Tray 2 Pickup Rollers (RL1-0542).

Fuser Replacement:
1. Unplug printer and let cool down, at least 20 minutes 2. Open the back door of the printer use enough force that the door opens completely and the hinge locks disengage 3. Remove the 2 screws 4. Close the back door, and then flip the printer to rest on its face 5. Swing open the paper guard which shields the back of Tray 2 when it is installed. 6. Looking inside the Tray 2 cavity, use a flat blade screwdriver to release the two tabs 7. Remove the rear cover for the printer by pulling down and away 8. Pry the DIMM cover loose and remove it 9. Use a small flatblade screwdriver to disengage the tab on the connector shown below and unplug the connector 10. Next, on the right side, remove the small black plastic cover, located near the green fuser gear, which hides the other fuser wires 11. Then unplug the two connectors shown below and free the yellow/white wire from its guide clasp. 12. Remove the four screws holding the fuser in place 13. Remove the black plastic piece, the duplexer inlet guide. Gently pry the tabs on both ends loose and slide/rotate the guide back towards the fuser to release it. 14. Now you can remove the fuser, just pull it straight out towards you. 15. Install new fuser and replace the four fuser screws. Replace the black plastic duplexer inlet guide; make sure that both tabs click in place. Re-plug the single connector on the left side, and the two connectors on the right side. Replace the wire cover on the right side. Reinstall the DIMM cover. Finally, replace the back cover with all the screws.

Transfer Roller Replacement
1. Open the top cover and remove the toner cartridge. 2. Pinch the tabs on the transfer roller busing and life the transfer roller shaft up and away to the left. 3. Insert the right end of the transfer roller first, securing the metal tip into its black retaining clip. Be careful not to touch the black roller surface. Oils from your skin can affect print quality. 4. Install the left end of the transfer roller, making sure the white plastic bushing is oriented with its spring facing down. Line up the grooves in the bushing with the ridges on its seating block, and push the white bushing down to lock it in place.

Tray 1 Pickup Roller & Separation Pad
1. Open the toner cartridge door and locate the Tray 1 pickup roller. Spread the pick-up roller locks and rotate the roller forward to completely free the roller. 2. Rotate and remove the pickup roller 3. Before installing the new pickup roller, the separation pad which sits underneath it must be removed and replaced. Use a flatblade screwdriver to pry the blue separation pad up & loose; pry the pad on both sides and in the middle until it snaps loose from its base. 4. Use the screwdriver to drag the separation pad out & free from its base. 5. Realign the new separation pad with its blue teeth in the front, pointing down. Use the flathead screwdriver to secure it 6. Use a flathead screwdriver to apply pressure to the separation pad, locking it firmly in place. 7. Install the new pickup roller onto the metal shaft
8. Now install the new pickup roller onto the metal shaft. 9. Then snap the roller in place at the top.