Download Free HP Laserjet 2200 Maintenance Kit Instructions.pdf The following parts are included in our Maintenance Kits 1 -2200 Fuser Assembly RG5-5559 1 – Transfer Charge Roller RG5-5581 1 - Tray 1 Pickup Roller RB2-2900 1 – Tray 1 Sep Pad Assembly RB2-6348 1 – Tray 2 Pickup Roller RB2-2891 1 – Tray 2 Separation Pad RB2-6349. Turn the printer off. Unplug it, and allow it to sit for 30 minutes before performing these maintenance procedures.

Fuser Removal and Replacement:
• Remove the toner cartridge, the tray 2 cassette (and lift printer off tray 3 assembly if installed). • Remove the DIMM cover. 1. Open the toner cartridge door 2. Press and hold the release button 3. Slide cover forward and then swing out and away from printer. • Remove the rear cover 1. Open rear output bin and release the diverter pivot pins from slots. 2. Let rear output bin drop down completely. 3. Remove the two now exposed mounting screws. 4. Lift rear output bin back up to re-engage the diverter pivot pins. 5. Locate and unlatch the two rear cover locking tabs in the tray 2 cavity. 6. Pull cover straight down and swing bottom out to lift away from printer. • Remove the two screws that secure the white plastic reverse guide to the fuser and lift the guide off. • Unplug the three wire harness connectors. • Remove grounding screw on left side of fusing assembly. • Pull the fuser out of the printer. • When installing replacement fuser, use the guide pins on the printer to ensure proper fuser alignment. • Reassemble in reverse order.

Transfer Roller Removal and Replacement:
• Remove toner cartridge. • Locate the black bushing on the lift side of the transfer roller next to the gear. • Squeeze the two licking tabs on the bushing together and lift slightly. • Slide roller to the left until roller shaft clears the white bushing on the right. • Lift transfer roller out. • Insert right side of roller shaft into white bushing and slide roller to the right. • When tabs on left side bushing align push roller down until tabs lock. • Check for proper installation by ensuring both ends of roller move up and down.

Tray 1 Pickup Roller and Separation Pad Removal and Replacement:
• Remove the DIMM cover, rear cover, and top cover. 1. Open toner access door and release linkage arm on right side. 2. Push arm down into the opening. 3. Remove the two long screws on the front left and right hand corners. 4. Remove the two screws on the back side of the top cover. 5. Locate and release the two locking tabs located near the top cover hinges.
6. Lift top cover up and off of printer. • Remove lift cover. 1. Locate and release the locking tabs on top and lower front corner. 2. Lift off the cover. • Remove tray 1 1. Disconnect two vertical springs at front corners of tray assembly. 2. Separate door and shelf portions of tray by disconnecting pivot pins. 3. Slide tray 1 door to the lift and pull away from printer. 4. Disconnect pivot arms from tray 1 shelf. 5. Remove shelf by pulling right side away from printer. • Remove single separation pad assembly mounting screw and remove assembly. • Locate, press and hold left idler release tab. Slide idler wheel to the left. • Locate, press and hold right idler release tab. Slide idler to the right. • Locate, press and hold roller release tab. Slide roller slightly to the right. • Rotate roller forward and out away from printer. • Slide new roller onto shaft and move to the left until tab locks. • Slide left and right idler wheels back to their original position. • Install new separation pad and holder assembly. • Reassemble in reverse order.