Download Free HP Laserjet 2300 Maintenance Kit Instructions.pdf The following parts are included in our maintenance kit: 1 - Fusing Assembly (RM1-0354) 1 - Transfer Roller Assembly (RM1-0338) 1 - Tray 1 Pickup Roller (RC1-0945) 2 - Tray 2 Pickup Roller (RB2-6304) 1 - Tray 1 Separation Pad (RC1-0939) 1 - Tray 2 Separation Pad (RC1-0954). Turn the printer off, unplug it, and allow it to sit for 30 minutes before performing these maintenance procedures.

Transfer Roller Removal and Replacement:
• Open toner cartridge access door and remove cartridge • Locate white bushing on left side of transfer roller • With a flat blade screwdriver or needle nosed pliers, compress locking tabs on the bushing • Lift left side of roller straight up and slide to the left until clear of right bushing • Install new roller by inserting shaft into right side bushing and pushing left side bushing down until locked in place

Tray 1 Pickup Roller and Separation Pad Removal and Replacement:
• Open toner access door and remove toner cartridge • Remove screws from front left and right corners of access opening • Lift white plastic shield straight up and off of printer • Locate locking tab on cam at right side of pickup roller and release • Slide cam and white roller to the right • Rotate the roller and lift it off of the pickup roller shaft • To remove old separation pad begin by disengaging the pins on the inner tray from the slots on the outer portion of the tray 1 • Fold inner portion of the tray back towards the printer • Slide outer portion of the tray to the left until pins are disengaged and remove • Remove black self tapping screw from the base of the separation pad holder • Slide bottom of holder out and rotate up to remove assembly • Separate pad from holder being careful not to loose the spring • Attach new pad to holder and reinstall ensuring that compression spring stays properly seated • Fold inner tray back down and install new pickup roller on shaft • Slide right side bushing and wheel to the left until tab locks into place • Reassemble in reverse order