Download Free Playstation 2 Repair Guide.pdf Remove all the screw covers. (There should be 6 screw covers, 4 made of rubber (outer edges) and 2 made of plastic (in the middle), that need to be removed. You can use a small flat blade screwdriver for this. There should be 2-4 more screw covers on the outer side of the base, underneath the controller ports. The older model PS2’s have 4 screw covers, while the newer ones have only 2. Remove them all, and you should now have a total of 8-10 screws unveiled. Set the screw covers aside. Use your knife to cut the warranty tape that is covering the seam between the back and the top cover. (By the power switch). Just trace the seam through the tape with the knife so that it will not be holding you back when you go to remove the top later. You can also just remove the tape completely if you want. Using the normal sized Phillips head screwdriver, Make sure all of the screws are removed, and put them aside. NOTE: Some of the screws are longer than others. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you remember where the longer screws go. You may want to mark the holes with a piece of tape or some other way so that you will know which holes the long screws go into. If you do not remember where the long screws go, you could put a hole through a circuit board by trying to force the long screw in where it is not supposed to be. The PS2 shell should now be ready to remove. WARNING-Be very careful when taking the upper shell off, or you could damage the PS2 by tearing or disconnecting the reset/eject ribbon cable. Place the PS2 horizontally, with the PS2 logo facing up and the front facing you. Last we will check the fuses. There are two located on the power supply board. (see photo) The one you see below is what you will see in earlier versions of the PS2. Typically versions 1-3. If you have a later version then you will see what looks like in the next picture. Use the section that applies to your particular PS2. Remove the fuses one at a time from their holder. Take your voltmeter and put a lead on each side of a fuse. You should read a short. If you don't, then the fuse is blown and will need to be replaced. Read the value of the fuse either written on the circuit board beneath the fuse or on the silver connection on the end of the fuse. The fuse by the power plug on mine is 3.25A (amps). You may open your PS2 to find that your power supply looks like this (see diagram) You cannot get to the components as described above. You will need to remove the bottom cover of the console and flip the console upside down.