Download Free XBOX 360 Guide to Fix 3 Red Lights.pdf We will remove the two grey pieces on each side of the console. We will start with the one on top. (This is the side where a hard drive would go.) Now turn the console so it is standing vertical, and put your finger under the top cover just above the CD drive and pull up to un-click the first two clips. The cover will remain attached. You just are lifting up the first 1/3rd of it. Now that you have removed one side, take the smaller of the torx wrenches if your kit included one, and use it to poke the whole in the exact place as illustrated to unclip the next clip. The exact location is in between and below two solid holes that you can see above are just white plastic. Repeat this for the opposite side. If you don’t have the torx, and you need something else to un-clip these you could use a toothpick if it is strong enough, a lock-pick or whatever else you can think of. The last clip on the side pictured of the top cover is accessible by removing the rubber support. However, I just like to pull it off at this point – See the next picture. To pull off the top piece now that you have released all but the clip in the bottom left of this picture, you can slip your hand under wiggle it around, and pull up on the piece to remove it. Do this carefully, as you can break the last clip this way. Now we have to turn the console over and take off the flat grey cover on the other side. Poke the 3 places as shown. Here is the 1st hole. Now turn the console flat (horizontal), and upside down. Start by noticing the 4 clips on the front of the console. Unlatch these with your finger, and pull up on the side of the case as pictured while you unclip the other side. Here is the other side. Undo all the clips and pull the top of the case up (Technically the bottom since the console is upside down.). It should be lose and you can lift up the cover now. To remove it, put one hand on the grey part of the case, and hold that to the table while pushing up on the cover. See the next step to continue this. Here is a side view. Continue holding down the grey part of the unit while you use careful force to push the cover back ALL the way. (180°) It will make a loud snap when you finally push it all the way until it unclips. This is to be expected. It should not break. See the next picture.


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