Download Free Fiat Ducato High Roof Van.pdf The Fiat Ducato is available in six versions, a high roof van, [tested] which retails for $42,000, and a high roof glazed van costing $42,850. The two high roof vans have a payload of 1800 kilograms and 12 cubic metres of internal volume. The low roof versions start at $41,250, and has a payload of 1490 kilograms, and two cab chassis versions are available in two different wheelbases, 3.7 metres, and 4.05 metres. Prices for the cab chassis version are $37,990, 3.7 metre wheelbase and $40,940 for the 4.05 metre wheelbase.

Entry into the cabin is made easy by the large door opening, once seated however, a long stretch is required to close the door. The door latches were quite notchy which made it hard to pull the door through to close. A grab handle on the driver’s side would also be handy. The radio volume control was located on the left side of the unit which made it a bit of a stretch to adjust. All other major controls were well located. A step in the rear bumper makes entry into the cargo area easy. Front wheel drive design reduces mechanical intrusion into the rear cargo area, keeping the floor low, which is useful when loading and also increases the height of goods able to be carried. The 2.8 litre diesel utilizes the latest in common rail fuel injection technology delivering improvements in emissions and reducing fuel consumption.

The cabin is large and spacious, side door pockets swallow large drink bottles and clipboards easily. A storage tray under the driver’s seat is large enough to store street directories and small stowage straps. The side and rear doors are easy to open, the side door locks into position once it is fully open which stops it’s from closing if the van is being unloaded on an incline. The rear barn doors can be opened up through 270º by extending the door latches. This makes the loading and unloading of pallets into the rear a simple task. 8 tie down points are provided inside the rear cargo area. The steel cargo divider can be removed to allow the driver to walk through to the cargo area if required.