Download Free Volvo XC 90 2.5T.pdf The Volvo XC90 range was introduced into the Australian market in July 2003 and compliments the Volvo range of all wheel drives. Its little brother, the Volvo XC70 was released in April of 2003. With sales of SUVs and 4WD vehicles increasing and the traditional market segments remaining static or shrinking, it is important for a manufacturer to have a vehicle that can compete for market share in the growth markets.

The Volvo XC90 comes in two variants, the XC90 2.5T and the XC90 T6. The 2.5T is priced at $69,950, the T6 is $82,950. Both vehicles have a long and extensive features list. Electronic climate control air conditioning, driver’s electric adjustable seat, front seat armrests and an 8 speaker six stack in dash CD player are some of the more notable features.
Both XC90 Volvos can be fitted with a third row of seats, which turns them into seven seaters. Given that a fair percentage of 4WD and AWD vehicles are purchased to transport families around the suburbs, this is an important option for Volvo to have. The price for the third rear seat option is $5,100, on the surface an expensive option. Included in the vehicle if the third row sear option is taken, is an auxiliary air conditioning unit, C pillar ventilation outlets and independent fore/aft movement of the second row seats and curtain airbags for the third row seat occupants.


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used XC90 ft. myers said...

VOLVO XC90 2.5T is r4eady to burn the road. let's see how far it grows with popularity and business.

used C70 ft. myers said...

Volvo XC90 2.5T is not only an outstanding car but also its millage is quiet impressive why i am saying with confidence because i have bought this model last week and me and family is satisfied by its performances. Thanks to you for providing this information about this car here.

used c70 ft. myers said...

Do you know i was sent this web page to one of my friend and by reading about Volvo XC90 2.5T he has bought this model few day ago, and asks me to say you thank you.