Download Free Holden Crewman S automatic.pdf Australian’s and their love affair with the utility has become part of modern folklore. A drive down any suburban or country street is proof enough. Banking on this popularity Holden realised a need to fill some gaps in its commercial range. First came the One Tonner, which retained the standard utility’s car like comfort with the added advantage of increased payload capacity. Now comes the Crewman, aimed squarely at buyers who want a workhorse, which can double as a family car. It is the first passenger car based crew-cab designed and built by an Australian manufacturer.

Sharing its chassis design with the One Tonner the Crewman’s half-monocoque cabin area is mated the rear chassis frame by two torque arms. Bolted to reinforced sections at the back of the cab the result is a stiffer structure which spreads its load across a wider area offering advantages over traditional welded joints. Load capacity is increased with the use of a conventional heavy duty rear axle fitted with variable rate leaf spring suspension. Holden haven’t specified an exact payload figure but quote a carrying capacity of just under 1100kg inclusive of occupants, fuel and accessories for V6 models and 750kg for V8s. Load area dimensions are (l/w/h) 1463mm/1438mm/484mm, (1226mm between the wheelarches), large enough for a standard size pallet. One thing is certain, combining a four door body and a practical load area makes for big car. With a wheelbase stretched 261mm more than the standard utility the Crewman at 5305mm is the longest Holden currently produced, that’s 112mm longer than the Statesman.