Dell Inspiron 2600 Service Manual

Dell Inspiron 2600 Service Manual
Download free Dell Inspiron 2600 Service Manual will help you to repair the damage that occurs Dell Inspiron 2600. For a complete list of abbreviations and acronyms, see the Tell Me How help file. See "Access to support". Display latch. It keeps the screen closed. Monitor. For more information about the use of the display in color, see "Using the screen" in the Tell Me How help file (see "Access to aid"). Dell AccessDirect button. Press this button to start the support resources and educational resources that Dell has installed on your computer. Keyboard status lights. The green lights located above the keyboard indicate the following: turns on when the numeric keypad is enabled. It turns on when the uppercase letters function is activated. It turns on when the scroll lock function is activated. TouchPad. Use the touch keyboard and touchpad buttons as you would use a mouse. Buttons on the touch panel. It corresponds to the left and right buttons on a standard mouse.

The network connector is slightly larger than the modem connector. Do not plug a telephone line into the network connector. Connect the computer to a network. The lights next to the connector indicate activity for communications by cable and wireless. For information about how to use the network adapter, see the documentation for the network adapter online that is provided with the equipment. PC card slot. It has a connector that supports several types of PC cards, including modems and network adapters. Floppy drive. It reads and writes data to floppy disks. The security cable slot. It allows you to connect a commercially available antitheft device to the computer. Instructions for installing Antitheft devices are usually included with the device. Magazine of the fixed optical drive. Accommodates devices such as a CD drive, DVD drive, a CD-RW drive or a combo CD-RW / DVD. To avoid damaging the computer, wait 5 seconds after turning off the computer before you disconnect an external device. Do not block, push objects into, or allow dust to accumulate in the air vents. If it does, you can damage the computer or cause a fire.

You can use the integrated keyboard and an external at the same time keyboard. When connecting a keyboard PS / 2 or a numeric keypad PS / 2, the integrated keypad is disabled. Connect devices compatible with PS / 2, such as a mouse, keyboard, or external numeric keypad. Shut down the computer before connecting or removing a device compatible with PS / 2. If the device does not work, install the device drivers from the floppy disk or CD that came with the device and restart the computer. The computer uses an internal fan to create airflow through the vents, which prevents the equipment from overheating. The AC adapter connector. It allows you to connect an AC adapter to the computer. The AC adapter converts AC power to DC required for the computer power. You can connect the AC adapter to your computer on or off.

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