Epson BrightLink 575Wi/585Wi/595Wi Manual

Epson BrightLink 575Wi/585Wi/595Wi ManualWelcome to the Epson BrightLink 575Wi/585Wi/595W Projector User's Guide. Introducing the Projector See these sections to learn more about your projector and this manual. Features of the projector Notation system used in the documentation Where can I find more information? Location of Projector Components. The BrightLink 575Wi / 585Wi / 595Wi projectors feature the following special features: Unique interactive features. Annotations with or without a computer. Annotations with two pencils at the same time. Improved Easy Interactive toolbar for Windows and Mac. BrightLink 595Wi: Tactile interactivity for up to six users Ultra-short distance projection system. Projection of an 87 "(221 cm) (WXGA) image at only 9.1" (231 mm) Can be mounted on a wall or table (with optional tabletop mounting bracket) for quick and inexpensive installation. Can be mounted vertically on a table to create an interactive workspace. Reduces reflections and Shadow interference. BrightLink 575Wi: up to 2,700 lumens of color brightness (color light output) and 2700 lumens of white brightness (white light output) BrightLink 585Wi / 595Wi: up to 3300 lumens of color brightness Color light) and 3300 lumens of white brightness (white light output) Note: Color brightness (color light output) and white brightness (white light output) will vary depending on the conditions of use. The color light output is measured according to IDMS 15.4; The white light output is measured according to ISO 21118. Native resolution of 1280x800 pixels (WXGA)

Versatile connectivity; HDMI1 / MHL and HDMI2 ports for connecting video devices or computers. USB 3-in-1 Plug and Play connection for projection, audio output and mouse control for Instant Setup. Support for projection over a wired network. Monitoring and controlling the projector via a remote networked computer. Optional wireless network support, including video and audio transfer. Computer-less presentations through direct connection USB storage devices or Epson document cameras. Two VGA ports for connections by multiple presenters. Port for connecting an external monitor. Port for connecting a microphone. Innovative functionality and display; the Low total cost of ownership due to long life projector lamp and high-efficiency air filter. High digital zoom ratio for wider images with short projection distances. 10000: 1 contrast ratio and automatic iris control for sharp, detailed images. Integrated encoded decoder. Powerful 16W speaker system with an audio output port for connecting external speakers. Instant Functions Off and Direct Power from Epson accelerating configuration and power off. Support for Crestron RoomView network monitoring systems. Network message delivery system for timely messaging on all network-connected projectors. 

Contents of  Epson BrightLink 575Wi/585Wi/595Wi Manual
  • Introduction to Your Projector; Projector Features Notations Used in the Documentation Where to Go for Additional Information Projector Part Locations
  • Setting Up the Projector; Projector Placement, Removing and Attaching the Cable Cover, Projector Connections, Connecting to Video Sources, Connecting to an External Computer Monitor, Connecting to External Speakers, Connecting a Microphone, Installing Batteries in the Remote Control, Installing Batteries in the Pens.
  • Using the Projector on a Network; Wired Network Projection, Wireless Network Projection, Setting Up Projector Network E-Mail Alerts, Setting Up Monitoring Using SNMP, Controlling a Networked Projector Using a Web Browser, Crestron RoomView Suppor.
  • Using Basic Projector Features; Turning On the Projector, Turning Off the Projector, Selecting the Language for the Projector Menus, Image Shape, Resizing the Image with the Wide and Tele Buttons, Adjusting the Image Position, Focusing the Image, Remote Control Operation, Selecting an Image Source, Projection Modes, Image Aspect Ratio, Color Mode, Controlling the Volume with the Volume Buttons, Projecting a PC Free Presentation, 
  • Adjusting Projector Features; Shutting Off the Picture and Sound Temporarily, Stopping Video Action Temporarily, Zooming Into and Out of Images, Projector Security Features, Creating a User Pattern to Display
  • Using the Interactive Features; Interactive Modes, Using the Interactive Pens, Using Finger Touch Interactivity, Using BrightLink With a Computer, Windows Pen Input, and Ink Tools, Using BrightLink Without a Computer.
  • Adjusting the Menu Settings; Using the Projector's Menus, Image Quality Settings - Image Menu, Input Signal Settings - Signal Menu, Projector Feature Settings - Settings Menu, Projector Setup Settings - Extended Menu, Projector Network Settings - Network Menu, Projector Setup Settings - ECO Menu, Projector Information Display - Info Menu, Projector Reset Options - Reset Menu
  • Maintaining and Transporting the Projector; Projector Maintenance, Transporting the Projector
  • Solving Problems; Projection Problem Tips, Projector Light Status, Using the Projector Help Displays, Solving Image or Sound Problems, Solving Projector or Remote Control Operation Problems, Solving Interactive Problems, Solutions When Network Alert E-Mails are Not Received, Where to Get Help
  • Technical Specifications; General Projector Specifications, Projector Lamp Specifications, Interactive Pen Specifications, Remote Control Specifications, Touch Unit Specifications, Projector Dimension Specifications, Projector Electrical Specifications, Projector Environmental Specifications, Projector Safety and Approvals Specifications, Supported Video Display Formats, USB Display System Requirements
Download Epson BrightLink 575Wi/585Wi/595Wi Manual here

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