Epson SureColor F2000 Manual

Epson SureColor F2000 ManualThe SureColor SC-F2000 offers the perfect t-shirt printing solution for anyone who wants to optimize or supplement their current technical equipment with a digital DTG printer or go into the T-shirt printing business. The Epson PrecisionCore printhead achieves a resolution of up to 1,440 x 1,440 dpi and the UltraChrome DG inks to ensure a wide color gamut and soft color gradations. The printer is available as a 4-color or 5-color model (with white). In the fastest print mode (dual CMYK mode), the SureColor SC-F2000 prints a T-shirt in just 27 seconds1. For large print volumes, we offer a selection of 250 or 600 ml ink cartridges. With this affordable, full-featured text-to-print solution, you'll have everything you need for a fast, easy, and competitive T-Shirt print. Benefit from the latest T-shirt printing technology that delivers high-speed and top-quality performance The SureColor SC-F2000 was designed and designed entirely by Epson. It offers maximum quality, superior productivity, ultimate flexibility, and absolute reliability - and you also benefit from low operating and maintenance costs. Print directly on 100% cotton2 or mixed fabrics with at least 50% cotton. The SureColor SC-F2000 is easy to set up and operate so anyone in your organization can use it. 

The height-adjustable pad and the color control panel on the front make text printing child-friendly. The automatic print head cleaning and the circulation system for the white ink achieve outstanding and consistent print results. Thanks to its automatic maintenance functions, the SureColor SC-F2000 requires minimal daily maintenance. The printer comes with a medium-sized print (356 x 406 mm / 14 x x 16 inches). Optional inserts can be purchased separately (small: 254 × 305 mm / 10 x 12 inches, large: 406 × 508 mm / 16 x 20 inches, sleeve pad: 102 × 102 mm / 4 x 4 inches). The Garment Creator design software is included as standard with the SureColor SC-F2000. With the simple intuitive user interface, you can design and customize T-shirts. You can store predefined color management and layout settings in the software, ensuring uniform print output. With Garment Creator, you can print black t-shirts with white ink without having to edit the template beforehand because the software automatically generates and prints a white top layer. 

Contents of Epson SureColor F2000 Manual
  • Introduction to Your Printer; Printer Features, Notations Used in the Documentation, Printer Part Locations.
  • Printer Usage Guideline; Using Your Printer, Storing Your Printer, Handling Ink and Cleaning Cartridges, Handling White Ink (White Edition), Handling T-shirts (Media).
  • Basic Printing; Overview of the Printing Process, Required Equipment, Pre-treating a T-shirt, Preparing Your Printer, Creating Your T-shirt Design, Loading the T-shirt, Starting and Cancelling Printing, Post-treating a T-shirt
  • Printing from a USB Memory Device; USB Memory Device Requirements, Connecting and Printing from a USB Memory Device.
  • Printing on Thick Material; Removing the Round Platen Height Indicator, Installing the Round Platen Height Indicator.
  • Maintenance; Maintenance Guidelines, Maintenance Safety Instructions, Print Head Maintenance, Print Head Alignment, Using the Ink Cleaning Solution, Disposing of Used Consumables and Optional Parts, Cleaning the Suction Cap, Replacing the Head Cleaning Set, Washing the White Ink Tubes (White Edition), Shaking and Replacing the Ink Cartridges, Cleaning the Encoder Strip (Carriage Scale) and Replacing the Air Filter, Cleaning Around the Print Head, Cleaning the Platen Path, Storing the Printer, Cleaning the Printer.
  • Moving or Transporting the Printer; Transportation Preparation, Moving the Printer, Moving the Printer Through a Narrow Doorway, Setting Up the Printer After Transport.
  • Using the Control Panel Menus; Accessing the Printer's Menus, USB File List Menu Settings, Maintenance Menu Settings, Printer Setup Menu Settings, Print Logs Menu Settings, Printer Status Menu Settings, Administrator Menu Settings, Maintenance Mode Menu Settings.
  • Solving Problems; Product Status Messages, Solving Printer Problems, Solving Printing Problems, Solving Print Quality Problems, 
  • Technical Specifications; Windows System Requirements, Mac System Requirements, Printer Specifications, Electrical Specifications, Environmental Specifications, Dimension Specifications, Ink Cartridge Specifications, Cleaning Cartridge Specifications, Pre-treatment Solution Specifications, Ink Cleaning and Tube Cleaning Solution Specifications, Safety and Approvals Specifications.

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