Sony A6300 Manual

Sony A6300 Manual
Sony A6300 Manual
Sony A6300 capture speed with exceptional precision: the fastest autofocus in the world (0.05s), wide sensor coverage with 425 collimators and ultra-precise subject tracking system. With its 425 AF points with phase detection, covering the entire image, capture the fastest subjects. Select 11fps burst mode with AF / AE tracking to capture all important moments. Or instantly control your shots, in the viewfinder or on the screen, with burst modes up to 8 fps without black-out. The Exmor CMOS sensor combined with the BIONZ X processor captures high-quality images over a wide sensitivity range of up to 51,200 ISO. With its new conduction circuit made of copper alloy, the APS-C sensor of about 24.2 megapixels offers optimum luminous performance. Sony A6300 combined with the BIONZ X processor, this new structure reduces the noise level over a sensitivity range of 100 to 51200 ISO. Beyond high-resolution 4K recording, many video features offer many benefits and help you make professional videos. 

Reading all the pixels without grouping allows collecting about 2.4 times (equivalent to 6K) more data than the 4K (QFHD: 3840 x 2160) requires. This over-sampling effect gives a more realistic dimension to your 4K images. The new S-Gamut / S-Log profile allows you to shoot on an extended dynamic range (up to 1,300%), for more expressive videos in post-production. The α6300 even offers a latitude of 14 steps in S-Log setting. Featuring advanced, reliable and easy-to-use features and a rugged magnesium alloy housing, the α6300 delivers unmatched professional-level performance. The new high contrast, high contrast OLED Tru-Finder provides a spectacular view, especially when the high frame rate of 120 frames/sec is selected for smoother images and easier tracking. The wireless connection via NFC (and now via the QR code, for users whose smartphone is not NFC compatible) makes it easy to transfer image data from the Sony A6300 to your mobile devices. 

Back up your work on Sony's secure cloud service and access your photos and videos from any device. Applications for the PlayMemories camera. This application expands your horizon by allowing you to add functions to your camera. Professional level options that open up new possibilities. Expand your photography pleasure even further and upgrade to the professional level with specially designed accessories for this model. See accessories. Capture One Express (for Sony) is one of the best RAW converters in terms of color accuracy and level of detail. Flexible data management, indispensable setting tools and fast performance, all in one integrated, customizable solution.

Contents of Sony A6300 Manual
  • Before Use; Names of parts, Icons and indicators, Using the strap, Attaching the eyepiece cup, Adjusting the viewfinder, In-Camera guide, 
  • Preparing the camera; Charging the battery pack, Inserting a memory card (sold separately), Attaching a lens, Setting the language, date and time.
  • Confirming the operation method. 
  • Shooting; Shooting still images/movies, Selecting a shooting mode.
  • Using shooting functions; Using the zoom, Using the flash, Selecting a screen display mode, Selecting still image size/image quality, Adjusting the focus, Adjusting the exposure, Selecting a drive mode (Continuous shooting/Self-timer), Selecting the ISO sensitivity, Correcting the brightness or contrast, Adjusting color tones, Selecting an effect mode, Recording movies, Customizing the shooting functions for convenient use, Setting the other functions of this product.
  • Viewing; Viewing still images, Deleting images, Playing back movies, Viewing panoramic images, Printing, Using viewing functions, Viewing images on a TV.
  • Changing settings; Setup menu.
  • Using Wi-Fi functions; Connecting this product and a Smartphone, Controlling this product using a Smartphone, Transferring images to a Smartphone, Transferring images to a computer, Transferring images to a TV, Changing the settings of Wi-Fi functions.
  • Adding applications to the product; PlayMemories Camera Apps, Installing the applications, Starting the applications, Managing the applications.
  • Using a computer; Recommended computer environment, Using the software, Connecting this product and a computer, Creating a movie disc.
  • Precautions/This product; Cleaning this product, Number of recordable still images and recordable time of movies, Using this product abroad.
  • Troubleshooting; If you have problems, Troubleshooting Battery pack and power, Shooting still images/movies.

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