HP DesignJets 500 Service Manual

HP DesignJets 500 Service Manual
HP DesignJets 500 Service Manual
This HP DesignJets 500 Service Manual is the main document used to repair, maintain and troubleshoot the HP DesignJets 500 printer. Use this service manual as your main resource for understanding the operational characteristics of the printer and all the options available. This service manual describes troubleshooting, system error codes, ink supplies troubleshooting, service tests and utilities, calibrations, parts and diagrams, removal and installation, preventive maintenance. Guide to troubleshooting the Printer. This chapter will guide you through the important steps to take to fix the printer. System error codes contain a list of codes of error of the system and their respective descriptions and recommended corrective actions. Test only action recommended at a time and check if the error code has disappeared. If possible, always perform a test service in the component/assembly that is going to replace, just to be sure that it is the component/assembly failed. If the test in that component / Assembly passes, do not replace it. For information about service tests and how to use them, see Chapter 4 - testing service and utilities. Realization of calibrations necessary to service the printer is calibrated correctly after replacing a component? Note Remember that certain calibrations are necessary even if an Assembly has removed to gain access to another assembly or component. For information about the service settings and how to use them, see Chapter 5 - service settings.

Print quality troubleshooting. The printer contains an internal problem-solving procedure that helps you diagnose and resolve the potential source of defects in image quality or quality of the line. If the print quality is bad until the minimum life of the print head is reached, must perform the procedure of solution of problems that will determine if the print head should be replaced or not after performing various levels of recovery actions. For information about how to troubleshoot print quality problems, see Chapter 6 - print quality. Cover sensors do not work, check if the faulty sensor is properly installed, check if the defective sensor cable is connected correctly, replace the defective sensor (or the Assembly containing the sensor). Line sensor has trouble detecting media Check the type of support being used since the sensor line can have problems to detect transparent media or some types of brackets, not HP. Attempt to load media White HP printer and check if the line sensor detects it. Excessive ink deposits on the surface of the printing plate can mislead the sensor reflecting light. Clean the print tray. The line sensor is damaged or defective. Replace Page 8-78 truck unit.

When the client receives the printer for the first time, it is supplied with a set of four heads of boot pre-installed on the printhead carriage. These boot heads are used for priming tubes in the ink delivery system. When the printer is turned on for the first time, the printer will automatically perform the priming process. Without the priming process, the customer may not use the printer. The start-up is home heads are installed, but the printer may not detect them because the printer can only detect normal print heads. If you install the normal print heads during initial start-up, printer asks user to remove them and check if they have been actually removed. Then ask the user to install the heads home Also printer prompts the user to install the ink cartridges if you do not have installed. If ink cartridges contain less than 20 cc of ink (ink cartridges are encoded with the amount of ink remaining) will be rejected. Normally, with a new printer, this should not be a problem since the printer comes with inkjet cartridges that are full, but perhaps there are cases in which the ink supply tubes need to be replaced, in which case you can use empty ink cartridges.

Contents of HP DesignJets 500 Service Manual
  • Troubleshooting: Troubleshooting System Error Codes, Solving Print Quality Problems, Cover Sensors are not Working, The Line Sensor has Problems Detecting Media, Troubleshooting Paper-Axis Shutdowns, Problems with the Vacuum Fan, Vacuum suction much lower at high altitudes, HP-GL/2 color differences in different HP DesignJet Printers, Banding at variable extreme environmental conditions, The Priming Procedure Fails, Using the Power Switch LED to Troubleshoot, Using the Boot-Up Sequence to Troubleshoot,  Using the Formatter/Accessory Card LEDs to Troubleshoot
  • System Error Codes; Continuable and Non-Continuable Error Codes, System Error Codes - Explanation, Error Log Utility, Accessing the Error Log Utility.
  • Service Tests and Utilities; Diagnostics - Self Test, Service Tests (Diagnostics), Entering the Service Tests Menu, Supply Station, Carriage Movement, Paper Advance Test, Service Utilities, Entering the Service Utilities Menu, EEROM Setup, Turn Drive Rolle, Unlock Carriage, Prime Tubes, Change Cutter, Change Ink Tubes, Printer Information.
  • Service Calibrations; Entering the Service Calibrations Menu, Printhead Alignment (includes PPS Calibration), Color Calibration, Advance Calibration, Factory Advance Calibration.

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