Xerox ColorQube 8580 Manual

Xerox ColorQube 8580 Manual
The ColorQube 8580 color printer is a powerful and environmentally friendly printing solution that combines simplicity and high productivity with great color rendering. Incredibly fine details and excellent halftones. 2.400 FinePoint print resolution ensures exceptional print quality. Always first-class color. With Solid-Ink you can create rich, bright colors on all printing materials, even on environmentally-friendly paper. A variety of media selection. Print on the material of your choice, whether plain paper or labels, envelopes, cardstock or business cards. The color that meets your expectations. PANTONE®-compliant full-color simulations and Xerox color correction technology ensure that every print result meets your expectations. No time loss by color. The ColorQube 8580 prints in color just as fast and productively as in black and white.

Decide for productivity. You have the choice between two productivity kits: extended storage capacity and additional features for more security and time-saving. Always print immediately. The first page is output after 5 seconds. Modular extensibility. With additional paper trays, you can store the paper stock at 2,200 sheets for periods of heavy usage and can access multiple paper sources to meet the wide range of office printing requirements. Intuitive color correction. With the innovative Color By Words function, you simply enter color changes from a drop-down list. Little need for space. The ColorQube 8580 always has a place, directly on the desk or at a central location. Save shipping costs and storage space. Compared to toner cartridges, the compact packaging of the solid ink sticks is cheaper in shipping and fits in every desk drawer. Mopria certified. The Mopria certification simplifies the mobile printing of tablets and smartphones to many printers and printing systems, including the ColorQube 8580.

Less waste, less pollution. By eliminating costly packaging for the printer and the solid ink sticks, you can save up to 90% less waste and achieve lower energy consumption and lower CO2 emissions during the product life cycle than comparable laser printers. EarthSmart settings in the printer driver. The easy-to-use "green button" in the printer driver makes the printer extremely environmentally friendly. Intelligent functions. The intelligent-ready software learns from your usage behavior and ensures low power consumption and optimal productivity. Integrated GreenPrint software. With the standard GreenPrint tool, you print only the pages you really need and reduce paper and ink consumption.

Contents of Xerox ColorQube 8580 Manual
  • Safety; Electrical Safety, Operational Safety, Maintenance Safety, printer symbols.
  • Features; Parts of the Printer, Printer Configurations and Options, Information Pages.
  • Installation and Setup; Installation and Setup Overview, Assigning the Printer’s IP Address, Using CentreWare Internet Services, Installing the Software, Power Saver Settings.
  • Printing; Printing Overview, Loading Media, Setting Paper Handling Options, Printing on Specialty Media, Using Custom Paper Sizes, Creating Custom Paper Types, Selecting Print Options, Printing on Both Sides of the Paper, Printing Multiple Pages on a Single Sheet (N-Up), Printing Booklets, Enlarging and Reducing Pages, Using Color Corrections, Printing in Black and White, Printing Separators, Printing Cover Pages.
  • Maintenance; Maintenance and Cleaning, Ordering Supplies, Moving and Repacking the Printer.
  • Troubleshooting; General Troubleshooting, Paper Jams, Print-Quality Problems, Getting help.
  • Printer specifications; physical specifications, environmental, electrical, controller.

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