Xerox WorkCentre C2424 Service Manual

Xerox WorkCentre C2424 Service Manual
Xerox WorkCentre C2424 Service Manual
This Xerox WorkCentre C2424 Service Manual is the main document used to repair, maintain and troubleshoot the printer. Use this service manual as your main resource for understanding the operational characteristics of the printer and all the options available. This service manual describes; Warning Labels, Safety Interlocks, General Information, Theory of Operation, Error Messages and Codes, General Troubleshooting, Image-Quality Troubleshooting, Adjustments and Calibrations, Cleaning and Maintenance, Service Parts Disassembly, Parts Lists, Wiring Diagrams.

The introduction section, safety, and regulatory information contain important safety information regarding technical components, the regulatory agency requirements, and information about this manual. General information this section provides an overview of the system and basic information about the control panel, consumables, and specifications physical, functional, electrical, environmental and media system. The theory of operation section contains the basic theory of operation for the entire system. Includes diagrams and detailed operational information about the subsystems (internal components), the printing processes (routes of the media and images) and electronics (power supply and plates). The codes and error messages section provides detailed procedures for troubleshooting for the system, using codes and error messages from the control panel shown.

General (General troubleshooting) Troubleshooting section covers the General operations of commissioning, POST, BIST, PEST and the system power supply to help in the solution of problems not associated with a control panel or error code message. This section also covers diagnosis of system service functions. Image quality troubleshooting section provides procedures for the settlement of problems of image quality for the entire system. It also contains the various test prints available to assist in the resolution of image quality problems. Adjustments and calibrations section provides procedures for the proper homing of the system components, the calibration of the system, the guarantee of the integrity of the system and resets the NVRAM.

The cleaning and maintenance section provides basic information about the cleaning and maintenance of the system for optimal operation. It also includes functions for self-support of the printer. Disassembly section contains all the disassembly instructions to remove and replace parts of Xerox. The parts list section contains explosion diagrams and parts lists for the WorkCentre C2424 Copiadora-Impresora and most common Xerox supplies used for this system. Section wiring diagrams contain wiring main diagrams, maps of Plug connectors and wiring diagrams to help in the solution of problems of PEST codes.

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