Xerox Phaser 3010/3040 WorkCentre 3045 Service Manual

Xerox Phaser 3010/3040 WorkCentre 3045 Service Manual
The Xerox Phaser 3010/3040 WorkCentre 3045 Service Manual is the main document used to repair, maintain and troubleshoot the printer. Use this service manual as your main resource for understanding the operational characteristics of the printer and all the options available. This service manual describes specifications and diagnosis and repair of problems that occur in the printer and the enclosed options. Detailed replacement procedures, parts list, and wiring diagrams are also included. Several terms throughout this manual are used to provide additional information on a specific topic or to warn of possible hazards present during a procedure or action. Please note all the symbols and terms when they are used, and always read the instructions note, caution, and warning.

For 115 VAC printers, do not apply more than 127 Volts RMS between power leads or power conductor and the Earth. For 230 VAC printers, do not apply more than 254 volts RMS between power leads or power conductor and the Earth. Use only the power cable and the connector specified. This manual assumes that the reader is a qualified technician. Connect the three-wire (with ground PIN) power cord to an AC outlet with grounding only. If required, please contact a qualified electrician to install a properly grounded outlet. If the product loses its connection to Earth, contact with conductive parts may cause an electric shock. A ground connection of protection through the conductor of the power cord grounding is essential for safe operation.

For service personnel only: see also the "power safety precautions" earlier on page xvi. Avoid the service only: do not perform internal service or adjustment of this product unless there is someone capable of providing first aid or resuscitation. Be careful when performing repairs with energy: there may be dangerous voltages at various points of this product. To avoid personal injury, do not touch exposed connections and components while the power is on. Turn off the power before removing the shield on the power supply or replacing components. Do not wear jewelry: remove jewelry before servicing. Rings, necklaces, and other metal objects may come into contact with dangerous currents and voltages.

The service of the Phaser 3010/3040 manual / WorkCentre 3045 contains the following sections: introduction, safety information and regulation: this section contains important safety information and regulatory requirements.

The Phaser 3010/3040/WorkCentre 3045 Service Manual contains these sections:
  • Introductory, Safety, and Regulatory Information: This section contains important safety information and regulatory requirements.
  • Chapter 1 - General Information: This section contains an overview of the printer’s operation, configuration, specifications, and consumables.
  • Chapter 2 - Error Codes and Troubleshooting: This section provides detailed troubleshooting procedures for error messages and codes generated by resident diagnostics. Troubleshooting covers the operation of Power On Self Test (POST) and Service Diagnostics. In addition, this section includes troubleshooting methods for situations where error indicator is not available.
  • Chapter 3 - Image Quality Troubleshooting: This section focuses on techniques to correct image quality problems associated with the printer output.
  • Chapter 4 - Service Parts Disassembly: This section contains removal procedures for spare parts listed in the Parts List. A replacement procedure is included when necessary.
  • Chapter 5 - Parts List: This section contains exploded views of the print engine and optional Field Replaceable Units (FRUs), as well as part numbers for orderable parts.
  • Chapter 6 - Maintenance: This section provides periodic cleaning procedures for the printer. This section also provides procedures for the adjustment of print engine components
  • Chapter 7 - Wiring: This section contains the plug/jack locations and wiring diagrams for the printer.
  • Appendix - Reference: This section describes the operation of the CE Diagnostic software used to test Phaser 3010/3040 operation.
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