IBM Thinkpad R60 Service Manual is the main document used to repair, maintain and troubleshoot IBM Thinkpad R60 laptop. The service manual is divided into the following sections: v common sections provide general information, guidelines and safety required in the service of computer information. V the specific product section includes information about service, reference and specific products. This manual is intended for trained and familiar with the ThinkPad products service personnel. Use this manual together with advanced diagnostic tests to solve problems effectively. Before servicing a ThinkPad product, be sure to check the security information in "safety notices: multilingual translations" on page 7, "Safety information" on page 13 and "Laser compliance statement" on page 17.

Before you replace parts, make sure that all corrections of software, drivers, and BIOS downloads are installed before replacing FRUs that appear in this manual. After replacing a motherboard, make sure that the latest BIOS is loaded on the plate base before completing the service action. Use the following strategy to avoid unnecessary costs to replace and repair the FRU: v If prompted that replacing  FRU but the replacement does not correct the problem, reinstall the original RUF before continuing. V some computers have a processor board and a base plate. If prompted to replace the plate of the processor or system board and if it replaces one of them does not correct the problem, reinstall it, and then replace the other. V If an adapter or a device consists of one FRU, either of the RUF may be the cause of the error. Before you replace the adapter or device, remove the RUF, one by one, to see if the symptoms change. Replace the FRU that changed the symptoms only.

Strategy to replace a hard disk drive, always try to run a low level format before you replace a hard disk drive. This will cause losing all customer data on your hard disk. Make sure that the customer has a current backup of the data before performing this task. Attention: It is possible that the boot sequence of the unit on the computer that is repairing has changed. Be very careful during write operations, such as copy, save or formatting. If you select an incorrect unit, programs or data may be overwritten. Some components mounted on a base plate are very sensitive. Incorrect handling of a motherboard may cause damage to these components and may cause a malfunction of the system.

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