HP G60 Service Manual

HP G60 Service Manual
 HP G60 Service Manual
This HP G60 Service Manual guide is a reference solution of problems used to maintain and service the computer. Provides comprehensive information on the identification of the characteristics of the computer, components and spare parts; And perform disassembly of the computer. To reduce the chance of heat-related injuries or overheating of the computer, do not place the computer directly on your lap, or obstruct the air vents of the computer. Use the computer only on a hard and flat surface. Do not allow that other hard surface, such as an adjacent optional printer, or a surface soft, like pillows or carpet or clothing, blocking the flow of air. In addition, do not allow the AC adapter to come into contact with skin or a soft surface, like pillows or carpet or clothing, during operation. The computer and AC adapter meet the limits of user-accessible surface temperature defined by the Norma Internacional for the safety of the equipment of information technology (IEC 60950).

The service tag, placed in the bottom of the computer, provides information that may be necessary when system problems are solved. The service tag provides the following information: when ordering parts or request information, provide the serial number and model number located in the bottom of the computer. To give service to the computer, make sure that wires are placed in place suitable during the reassembly process. The incorrect placement of the cable may damage the computer. The cables should be handled with extreme care to avoid damage. Only apply tension needed to disassemble or settle the cables during removal and insertion. Handle cables for connector whenever possible. In all cases, avoid bending, twisting or tearing the wires. Make sure that the cables are routed in such a way that they can not be caught or hooked by parts that are removed or replaced. Manage flexible cables with extreme care; These cables are easily broken.

The units are fragile components which must be handled with care. To prevent damage to the computer, damage to the unit or loss of information, follow these precautions: before removing or inserting a hard disk drive, turn off the computer. If you are not sure if the computer is off or in Hibernate mode, turn on the computer, and then turn it off through the operating system. Before handling a drive, ensure that static electricity is discharged. While handling a drive, avoid touching the connector. Before removing a floppy drive or an optical drive, make sure there is a disk or disk into the drive and make sure that the optical drive tray is closed. Drive units on surfaces covered with at least one inch of foam shock resistant. Avoid dropping any height on any surface units. After removing a hard drive, an optical drive or a floppy drive unit, place it in a static-proof bag. Avoid exposing a hard disk to products having magnetically, as monitors or speakers. Avoid exposing the unit to extreme temperatures or liquids. If a unit should be sent by mail, place the unit in a bubble wrap or other suitable protective packaging and label the container "Fragile".

Contents of HP G60 Service Manual

  • Product description 
  • External component identification
  • Illustrated parts catalog
  • Removal and replacement procedures; Preliminary replacement requirements, Component replacement procedures.
  • Setup Utility; Starting the Setup Utility, Changing the language of the Setup Utility, Navigating and selecting in the Setup Utility, Displaying system information, Restoring default settings in the Setup Utility, Exiting the Setup Utility, Setup Utility menus.
  • Specifications
  • Screw listing
  • Backup and recovery; Creating recovery discs, Performing a recovery.
  • Connector pin assignments
  • Power cord set requirements

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